A child stay offered for your summer holidays! see more

Holidays are also meant to put your feet under the table and Belambra knows it!

Family-friendly meals, all-you-can-eat buffets, French wines included*, lunches on our terraces overlooking the sea...
This is also the recipe for a perfect holiday.



A festive and qualitative restoration, home-made dishes by our chefs, elaborated on the spot from raw products.



A calorie-conscious diet food for a light holiday.



Original and character recipes, designed by our chefs.

Choose your catering formula:





(1) Wine included - alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To be consumed in moderation 

(2) Paying option



• Full Board Formula (1, 2)
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner: everything is included, enjoy everything without taking care of anything.
- You have lunch or dinner in our restaurants. Your accommodation does not have any kitchen or dishes.

• Half-board formula
- The formula includes: breakfasts and dinners.
- You can have lunch or dinner in our restaurants. Your accommodation does not have a kitchen or crockery.


See the clubs


• Rental formula
- Clubs and residences do not have restaurants.
- You have lunch or dinner in your accommodation equipped with a kitchenette.
It has a dishwasher, microwave oven, fridge-freezer, ceramic hob, toaster,
electric coffee maker and crockery (except for exceptions, please refer to the description of your club’s accommodation).


The "Unlimited drinks" option

Opt for the "Unlimited drinks" option,   and enjoy refreshments by the pool and festive evenings.
Option available for presale or on site, only during the summer school holidays and on a selection of 3B or 4B clubs.

Pre-sale fare per week:
adult / 99 € including tax - child (-12 ans) / 39,5 € including tax


*Drinks only served during the opening hours of the bar, excluding champagne, bottled beers, “Premium” whisky except William Lawson’s, and regional spirits. Service sold only for all persons in the same file and for a minimum of 7 days. Only 1 drink per person ordered with a 30 minute interval between each alcoholic beverage (legal requirement). Must wear the “Unlimited Drinks” bracelet for each person on file. Child rate for children under 12 years of age (3 to 12 years of age). Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health.




Catering for babies!


Belambra also takes care of the children’s meals and offers them:

• Catering included in the baby package (half-board or full-board depending on the parents' catering formula or purchased in pre-booking)
• A selection of sweet and savoury Blédina products to cover all ages and times of the day (vegetables, complete dishes, fruit desserts, milk desserts, ... )  




A peckish! 

A light food offer available as a supplement at your club’s bar for small appetites and gourmets.
Charcuterie board, cheese boards, chips…
On our 5B clubs by the sea: salads, sandwiches, croque-monsieur, hot dog, paninis, pancakes, waffles…
And an offer of tapas to enjoy over a drink in the evening on our clubs of Anglet and the Presqu'île de Giens.

Standards of hygiene and cleanliness 


Our standards are among the safest in the world of catering...

...because your safety and that of your children is a vital concern for Belambra.


In restaurants:


All Belambra restaurants follow the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) international control method, which ensures the control of critical points on quality through a risk analysis. These various control steps are listed in the "HACCP Belambra Guide" which lists all daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly quality checks.


Here are some examples of what Belambra is doing to ensure impeccable quality:

All meals: we take a sample of each dish prepared by us. This control dish is kept at 6°c for 7 days and is exclusively intended for the official services of the State in case of suspicion of food poisoning.


Every day before the opening of our restaurants, we check:
• The temperature of our ingredients
• Temperatures of refrigerated enclosures
• Adjustment of cooking equipments
• The raw materials we receive
• Cut-off dates for holding a food sample


Every day, we thoroughly clean and disinfect each restaurant and kitchen. And throughout the day, the restaurant and the kitchen are kept perfectly clean thanks to frequent cleaning changes.


Every month, surprise microbiological analyses are carried out in all Belambra restaurants, by the independent ALPA laboratory accredited by the inspection section of COFRAC (under no. 3-0805, scope available at www.cofrac.fr) for carrying out inspections of the food activities of the distribution outlets in accordance with the FCD RAS standard.


Every year, all our restaurants are audited on the good control of the rules of hygiene and cleanliness in restaurant.


Every year, all our restaurants receive training in hygiene and cleanliness in restaurants.


In children’s clubs:


We pay just as much attention to hygiene in children’s clubs
Every evening:
• Cleaning tables, chairs and floors
• Toilet disinfection
• Disinfection of door handles


Every week: disinfection of games.


In times of risk of gastro-enteritis, we perform weekly disinfection of the premises using a disinfecting bactericidal and fungicidal fumigant.