This policy applies to cookies and other technologies present on the services edited by Belambra Clubs ("Belambra") accessible by a user ("User") through a connection device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.), notably from the address ("Services").

While you browse our website, some data may be stored in files ("cookies") installed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. This page provides information about cookies: what they are, what they do and how to configure them.


1. Cookie definitions


1.1 Cookies

Cookie files ("cookies") are non-executable text files placed by Belambra or a third party (advertising sales agency, etc.), with your acceptance, when you visit our services. The data we collect on an ongoing basis from access to and use of our services is intended for our internal use.

The cookies we manage enable us, among other things, to count the number of devices accessing one of our services, to establish site traffic statistics, to adapt the content of a service or advertising, to save you having to re-enter your personal data again, to track the invoices of advertisers on our services.

By clicking the "OK" button of the banner present on our services, you accept the placement of cookies on your device. Outright refusal of cookie files may prevent you from taking full advantage of the features of the services we offer you.


1.2 Other trackers and similar technologies

We may use other similar technologies on our websites like tags and/or web beacons. This concerns, for instance, code extracts inserted in the HTML code of a web page that can detect your browsing on our services. They emit calls to servers for purposes like those mentioned below.


2. Nature and purpose of cookies


Five types of cookies, corresponding to the purposes described below, can be saved on your device when you visit our Site:


2.1 Technical cookies

These are required to browse our website, and to access different products and services. In particular, technical cookies enable us to customise the presentation of our website to the display preferences of your device (managing your basket, storing your search criteria during the session etc.); they are also used to store passwords and other data relating to the online form you completed (to register or access your Personal Belambra Account). These cookies cannot be disabled or configured on pain of no longer being able to access the website and/or the website's services.


2.2 Session cookies

Session cookies save the information you have duly entered with the aid of our forms when signing up for one of our services.

These technologies help us recognize you as soon as you log on to one of our services and access your personal space such as your Belambra account. You can then make your reservations or track a booking, among other things.


2.3 Cookies to display targeted content and advertising

When you access a site/application containing a Belambra advertisement, this advertisement may contain a cookie. This cookie is liable, subject to your choices, to be saved on your device and to enable us to recognize the browser of your device for the retention period of the cookie concerned.

They are used to find out your browsing habits. So these cookies help us adapt the content and that advertising proposed to you on our services to match your centres of interest. The aim is to offer you advertising that is relevant to you and could therefore interest you.

They are also used:

  • to count the display/activation rate of our advertising content published on third-party sites/applications, to identify this content and these sites/applications, to determine the number of users who have clicked on each item of content
  • to calculate the amounts owed to advertising delivery channel agents (communications agency, advertising department, publication media/website) and to create statistics
  • to adapt the display of the website linked to one of our advertisements according to your device's display preferences (language used, display resolution, etc.) during your visit to the Belambra website and according to the hardware and software used to display or read information on your device;
  • to track the websites/applications, or other advertisements where we use cookies, which you have most recently browsed on your device.


2.4 Web analytics cookies

These cookies are sent by Belambra or our technical service providers to measure the audience for the various content and sections on our website, in order to evaluate and improve the organisation of these. Where necessary, these cookies also enable us to detect browsing issues, thereby enhancing services for our users.


2.5 Social media cookies

Social media sites to which you have signed up are liable to place cookies on your device. These social media sites are symbolized by buttons on our services that enable these sites to identify you when you browse our services.

We cannot control these cookies and the data collected by social media networks. For more information about these applications, we suggest you read the privacy policies specific to these social media sites:


3. How to refuse cookies


For practical advice on these options and how to delete cookie files stored on your device, depending on the browser you use, we suggest you read the "Controlling my data" section on the CNIL (the French data protection authority) website:


3.1 Disabling the use of cookies

Click here to disable the use of the cookies we use in customised advertising.

We may use the services of third parties to collect and use the anonymous information about Internet users' visits and interactions on our Site. Our partners use technologies like cookies to customise advertisements for products and services. For more information on this or to disable reception of advertising adapted to your centres of interest from our partners, we suggest you go to the website of EDAA (European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance): (site available in French).


3.2 Browser configuration

The storage of cookie files on your device or access to browsing data contained in or attached to these files is subject to your acceptance or refusal, which you can express at any time, by choosing one of the options proposed by your browser.

If you have accepted in your browser to allow storage of cookie files on your device, the files can be stored temporarily in a dedicated space on your device.

For more information and assistance, you can also consult your browser's special help page:


4. Retention period for cookies and trackers 


The retention period for Belambra cookies and trackers does not exceed 13 months.