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Put your feet under the table, Belambra takes care of everything!




No cooking, no dishes to do!

With the catering included from breakfast to dinner, our teams will always be as attentive, and even at the time of the big snack on our 5B clubs, young and old are welcome!



« The catering team delighted us at breakfast, lunch and dinner with a choice of varied, balanced and delicious dishes! »
Nicolas - Club Orcières 1850 ‘‘Le Roc Blanc’’ (February 2022)



So that everyone finds what they are looking for, all the pleasures are on the menu with our varied buffets concocted by our chefs.
And if the desire to stay on the slopes devours you, we will prepare a picnic for you.

New: Two new Savoyard restaurants: Les Tarines in Les Saisies and Le Sérac in Tignes “Val Claret”!





• "All inclusive" formula
Discover the All inclusive formula in our clubs Avoriaz ''Les Cimes du Soleil'', Arc 1800 ''L'Hôtel du Golf'' and always in Tignes ''Val Claret''!
The All Inclusive formula is all the essentials of the Club experience with an added gourmet touch: full board from breakfast to dinner, unlimited drinks, not to mention the return ski trip to the terrace, the four-hour meal with the “big snack”: candy bar, waffles, pancakes, detox waters or hot chocolate…
Something to delight young and old at any time of the day!


« The snacks are excellent and plentiful, the midday aperitifs on the braziers on the terrace make us fall into luxury. »
Juliette, Club Tignes ‘‘Val Claret’’ (January 2022)

• Full board formula(1, 2)
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner: everything is included, enjoy everything without worrying about anything
- You have lunch or dinner in our restaurants. Your accommodation does not have a kitchen or crockery

• Half board formula
- The formula includes: breakfasts and dinners
- You have lunch or dinner in our restaurants. Your accommodation does not have a kitchen or crockery.


• Rental formula
- The clubs and residences do not have a restaurant
- You have lunch or dinner in your accommodation equipped with a kitchenette
It has a dishwasher, microwave, fridge-freezer, ceramic hob, toaster, coffee maker and crockery (with some exceptions).



  (1) Wine included - Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation (2) Paying option



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Catering for babies*

Belambra also takes care of meals for the little ones:
- A space dedicated to babies with available crockery and formula milk for 1st and 2nd age
- Balanced menus adapted to their tastes.
- Food to be mixed or in small pieces prepared on site by our cooks.

A complete range of specific foods for babies
(vegetables, complete dishes, fruit desserts, dairy desserts, bledine)

(*) In clubs with half board / full board. For more details see the club catering tab.


Savoyard specialty in the spotlight!

And since "holidays in the mountains" necessarily rhymes with "raclette" and "fondue", all our clubs offer a Savoyard catering offer, served at the buffet or in Savoyard restaurants.




Standards of hygiene and cleanliness Standards of hygiene and cleanliness 

 Our standards are among the safest in the world of catering...