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To welcome you as safely as possible and allow you to enjoy stress-free holidays, Belambra Clubs are committed to:

1. Following the health authorities' recommendations on COVID-19

2. Communicating widely about preventative measures to be followed in the face of COVID-19 transmission risks (posters in high-traffic areas, information in accommodation, customer awareness briefing at the reception of the establishment)

3. Training our employees in preventative measures, health standards and providing them with personal protective equipment

4. Making hand sanitiser available to customers and staff in sufficient quantity in public areas

5. Encouraging social distancing of 1m, by installing specific signage (on the floor, on the walls, on seats and plexiglass, etc.);

6. Increasing cleaning and disinfection of the accommodation and public areas: cleaning several times per day of all contact points (lift panels, door handles, payment terminals, swimming pools, aquatic areas, playgrounds, etc.) and in the accommodation (worktops, switches, door handles, etc.) according to government recommendations with cleaning and disinfecting products in accordance with the standard in force;

7. Ensuring that accommodation is well ventilated before it is made available;

8. Adapting capacity in swimming pools and aquatic areas in order to ensure that social distancing and other recommendations by the authorities are respected;

9. Deploying the health control plan in all catering facilities, in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities (organisation of restaurants to ensure social distancing, one table per dwelling/family, limitation of the number of simultaneous customers, etc.);

10. Adapting the organisation of our Children's Clubs to accommodate all children in accordance with the recommendations of the health charter published by the French government (activities with social distancing, non-contact games, outdoor games whenever possible, etc.);

11 . Adapted catering, through the implementation, on a voluntary basis, of a free concierge application, which you can download and use to manage your reservations for the various restaurant services, the creation of a protected and marked out area surrounding all the buffets and stricter access conditions by wearing a mask and disinfecting hands under the supervision of an employee. Downloading and using this application, however, requires good 4G telephone reception or, if you wish, Wi-Fi access, which is not free.

12 . The Children's Clubs respect the official health standards: specially redesigned spaces, tailor-made programmes with a strong emphasis on outdoor and independent activities. Teams are available and at your service. A digital concierge service to manage registrations (see point 11 above for more details). And for toddlers, compliance with child protection standards with an adapted programme (8 to 10 half-days/week).