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Northern France is home to unexpected treasures. Take the time to discover them on your holiday at a Belambra holiday club in Normandy. Read the rest

Holidays and stays in Calvados

Untamed countryside


Meadows, fields as far as the eye can see, bucolic landscapes... Normandy epitomises the French countryside. However, it's also known for its coastline, offering a subtle blend of countryside and seaside that gives it such a special atmosphere. With its steep cliffs and long beaches, Normandy is also the perfect place to rest and enjoy the benefits of the sea air, far from the complications of modern life.

Very real history


Normandy is also steeped in history. For example, it was the arena for significant historical events such as the D-Day landings, while Picardy boasts treasures in the form of abbeys and cathedrals.

Visit Normandy for a breath of fresh air! You'll be surprised by the beautiful, varied landscapes. Book your holiday in Normandy with Belambra Clubs and discover this genuinely beautiful region.

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