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Forms to fill in, insurance to think about… We can guide you through all the steps to be taken before and after your booking. Let us help you put your mind at ease…


It is not possible to foresee every eventuality. Which is why Belambra has joined forces with a specialist travel insurer to offer you the best guarantees around: Verspieren


Why take out a Belambra Comprehensive contract?

To protect your holiday capital if you need to cancel your trip

As stated in Belambra's General terms and conditions of sale, the closer you get to your departure date, the higher the cancellation fees.

e.g.: If you cancel 8 days before departure, Belambra will retain 100% of the amount for your booking.

Our cancellation for any justifiable reason policy allows you to cancel your trip for any reason affecting your family and/or friends, as long as it is beyond your control and proof is provided.

e.g.: You wish to cancel because you have fallen ill.
You have a water leak in your apartment on the day of your departure.
You have just received some bad news about someone close to you.
Your employer has changed or cancelled your leave.
Your son or daughter needs to resit an exam

To get reimbursement for your personal belongings

If you were to fall victim to the theft, loss or damage of your luggage, Verpieren will compensate you for up to €1000 per hire.

e.g.: You have just had your camcorder and jewellery stolen on the beach.
After a break-in, your personal belongings have disappeared.

To get assistance 24/7, wherever you are

If you fall ill or are injured and your condition requires you to be transferred, Verspieren will take care of your medical repatriation to your home or a hospital.
This is also valid if you must prematurely interrupt your stay.

e.g.: You have just learned that a member of your family has been hospitalised and you need to return immediately.
- Because if there is an incident (accident, illness) on your journey between your home and the meeting point, we will provide you with a driver to take your vehicle to your home or to the garage nearest to it.
- With the sun guarantee included, we will compensate you if there is rain during your stay or if, unfortunately, your ski area is closed due to lack of snow.


You will receive a summary of these guarantees on confirmation of your stay or upon request.

Insurance premium, incl. tax

Less than €150 €20
From €150.01 to €300 €25
From €300.01 to €750 €45
From €750.01 to €1500 €60
From €1500.01 to €3000 €100
Over €3000.01 €130

* Premium incl. tax per booking, irrespective of the number of people and the destination.

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Multirisks insurance (individuals)

Multirisks insurance (groups)




For any accident during your stay :
  • by phone from France: 01 55 98 57 85
  • by phone from abroad: +33 1 55 98 57 85 preceded by local area code for international calls
  • by fax: 01 45 16 63 92
  • by email: medical@mutuaide.fr

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