In the most beautiful places in France

visuel Borgo "Pineto"

Les pieds dans l'eau ou au pied des pistes, vous êtes toujours les mieux placés pour en profiter.

The most beautiful locations

With a wide range of activities for the whole family

visuel Cours Les Mills™ au Riviera Beach Club sur la Presqu'Ile de Giens

Marche nordique, stretching, cours de fitness, aquatic'gym… des activités tout au long de la journée

Sporting activities in detail

Entertainment for all, throughout the day

  • Leo get-togethers Leo get-togethers
  • Children's show Children's show
  • Show Entertainment for all
  • Disco evening Disco evening
  • Casino evenings Casino evenings
  • Children's show Children's show

Sporting activities during the day, entertainment for your children with Leo, aperitifs with entertainment, karaoke evenings, casino games, shows performed by your children or our entertainers…

Entertainment in detail

Kids' paradise to keep everyone happy

Clubs and areas suitable for all ages :

  • 3 to 35 months
    3 to 35 months :
  • 3 to 5 years: Renardeaux Club
    3 to 5 years: : Renardeaux
  • 6 to 10 years: Pirates Club
    6 to 10 years: : The Pirates
  • 11 to 13 years: Juniors
    11 to 13 years: : the Juniors
  • 14 to 17 years: Teens Club
    14 to 17 years: : the Teens

Kids' clubs in detail

A comfortable and stylish setting

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Cottages, apartments, chalets, bungalows, cabins... There's something for everyone!


Our Clubs are regularly refurbished to ensure maximum modernity, warmth and comfort!

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Premium, Privilege or Comfort: treat yourself to the best locations. First come, first served!

Accommodation and living spaces in detail


For half board clubs, full board clubs or with dining option:


Generous, balanced lunches on the terrace… and eat as much as you want!


Dinners offering you the chance to discover regional delicacies or specialities from around the world…a stone's throw from the water

For Babies

A dedicated buffet for babies aged 3 to 24 months in the main restaurant, designed so that you can give them their meals in total peace of mind


Bledina logo In partnership with Bledina:


In Selection Clubs and as an option in the other Belambra Clubs: a complete range of food (vegetables, full meals, fruit desserts, dairy desserts and also: 1st and 2nd age formula milk, blédine cereals)

Dining in detail


Belambra is also synonymous with...

Relaxing on us

Dedicated safe areas for your babies. Surrounded by professionals.

Ecological Clubs

Our Clubs are becoming 100% green as we reduce the energy we consume.

Guaranteeing a successful holiday

We do our utmost to ensure that you have a successful holiday.

Enjoying to the full

Be the first to book your Premium & Privilege accommodation and take advantage of an exceptional view.